Welcome to 2020. The Future of Object Storage is Now!

Our prediction? Companies finally have the means to make their data talk. Your storage systems will be in more demand than ever before.
| @openio
Welcome To The Future

Never before have we produced and collected so much data.

This volume is growing at a staggering 25% each year, according to a recent IDC study.
The technical challenges created by this flood of information are exciting - we at OpenIO know something about it!

The most exciting, however, is yet to come. Companies finally have the means to make their data speak for itself, so they can extract real value from it. And computing resources have never been so accessible! The use of algorithms is becoming more democratic: machine learning, deep learning... and everything that we consider as artificial intelligence.

We are convinced that the next wave of innovation will be based on the intensive use of the data you possess.
Many of OpenIO's customers are already innovating and advancing research by leveraging their big data. In 2020, your storage systems will be used like never before. And, let's dare this prediction: storage will finally become a sexy topic in IT 😉

We wish you an excellent year in 2020, and all the best for your professional and personal projects!