OpenIO 15.12 Released

A global release which follows the new naming rules and brings compatibility between all of our projects: oio-sds, oiopy, oio-swift, Puppet modules, deployment tools and so forth.
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It is also the first OpenIO release where we will insure no compatibility issues in the data and metadata layout between releases.

What’s new in OpenIO 15.12

  • New pythonic CLI, the old one in C has been removed
  • New Meta2 optimized schema for lower I/O usage
  • The reverse directory (Rdir) is now open source, to be used for rebuilding failed drives
  • The new C API is now mature and adds streamed PUT, deduplication related calls (application based), reviewed APPEND semantics
  • SQL-X C client (our embedded database driver)
  • Improved robustness with systematic unitary tests integrated within Github workflow
  • Improved documentation especially for internal and low-level APIs
  • Support for Fedora 23 (Fedora 21 will be removed in the next release)
  • Vagrant support has been extended to Amazon EC2 and OpenStack
  • Most Vagrant boxes have been unified under one common box (to limit downloading)
  • Vagrant files are now a Github project
  • Puppet modules are available on Puppet Forge (