OpenIO Compatible with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

OpenIO is now a certified "S3 compatible Object Storage" solution for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, the Big Blue's virtual appliance for disaster recovery.
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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is Big Blue's data protection solution. It is a virtual appliance for disaster recovery, using near-instantaneous replication, retention and recovery of virtual machines, databases and containers in a hybrid multi-cloud environment. It also provides a high level of automation enabled by the software's RESTful APIs.

To make long-term data retention as cost-effective as possible, data can be offloaded to physical or virtual tape, but also to object storage, onsite, in a public or private cloud.

The OpenIO technology is now one of the "S3 Compatible Object Storage" solutions, alongside Ceph, RStor Rstorage and Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage. By certifying OpenIO, IBM recognizes the reliability of our Object Storage technology.

There are several advantages to choosing OpenIO object storage in this use case:

  • Take advantage of the low cost of object storage and its elasticity (hyper-scalability, unlimited scalability) ;

  • Avoid the double invoicing that exists with public cloud solutions (monthly invoicing based on the volume of GB stored + invoicing the bandwidth consumed for data retrieval);

  • Avoid the vendor lock-in induced by this billing method or by the use of an appliance (OpenIO is hardware agnostic);

  • Control the localization of data, since an OpenIO cluster can be deployed on-premise or at a cloud service provider in private cloud mode.

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