"OpenIO Object Storage infrastructure powered by DIAWAY" launched

DIAWAY launches an off-the-shelf object storage offering, based on OpenIO.
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From 100 TB, with the possibility of scaling the storage platform very easily, while maintaining one of the lowest TCOs on the market. In addition, OpenIO technology offers performance that is compatible with new data uses such as Big Data workloads and AI applications. OpenIO Object Storage is one of the world’s fastest software-defined object storage solutions. OpenIO was the first Object Storage technology to claim to have crossed the terabit-per-second write speed barrier in September 2019, on a Criteo infrastructure, the world leader in commerce marketing (read more about the #TbpsChallenge).

DIAWAY, thanks to its hardware expertise, today offers the OpenIO solution as a complete bundle (a pre-configured, ready-to-use cluster, built with the best components to combine performance and low TCO). All this with one-stop shopping, since DIAWAY takes care of the configuration and maintenance of all or part of your storage platform.

According to analysts, the volume of data generated by companies could quadruple between 2020 and 2025. In the face of this data deluge, companies’ current storage infrastructures are showing their limits. In addition, the choice between performance, TCO, and scalability was limited in the past – it is now necessary to reconcile all three, as the volume of data grows. But also and above all is the overarching need to extract value from this Big Data.

OpenIO is a software-defined object storage ideal for Big Data and HPC workloads, and AI applications. With its distributed grid architecture and unique self-learning ConsciousGrid™️ technology, OpenIO scales easily without mandatory data rebalancing, while delivering consistent high performance. OpenIO is S3 API compatible and can be deployed at customers sites worldwide or on DIAWAY provided global colocation points of presence for optimal TCO.

In addition, customers of OpenIO Object Storage infrastructure powered by DIAWAY, will benefit from advanced data protection based on erasure coding, with the ability to choose the level of data protection according to their criticality and to automate their life cycle. Typical use cases span from backup and archiving, media catalogues, cloud service providers building object storage backends for various services, entertainment to online retail and research.

The pre-built constructs start at 100TB of useful capacity in 4 nodes and scale up to 1.7PB in 14 nodes. Larger capacities are available as well through offline sizing. OpenIO Object Storage infrastructure powered by DIAWAY is fully software-defined, built with the most efficient components for lower TCO, and is enhanced with a networking option, datacenter colocation and onsite support if required. The product is available for sizing and purchase on the DIAWAY website.

“We are delighted to partner OpenIO to bring this solution to the market, for our existing and future customers,” – said Aleksandr Ragel, co-founder and managing partner at DIAWAY. “We teamed up with OpenIO to build a joint solution in order to meet the demand in high performance, fully S3-compatible and affordable object storage. It will complement our existing solutions for universal storage, distributed and scalable file system and fill up the space in between them for a purpose-fit object storage infrastructure. OpenIO’s innovative engineering was another reason for making this happen – it is a sure sign we’re at the right place.”

“We are very satisfied with this partnership,” – said Laurent Denel, co-founder and CEO of OpenIO. “The hardware expertise developed by DIAWAY allows users to get the most out of our technology, thanks to a judicious choice of components. Users benefit from a turnkey, scalable and high-performance object storage platform, offering the best possible TCO, in the environment of their choice: deployed at customers sites worldwide or on DIAWAY provided global colocation points. The user retains total control of data and rationalizes their storage expenses, without giving up flexibility since DIAWAY is able to interconnect an OpenIO platform to a hybrid multicloud environment.”

About OpenIO

OpenIO represents the new generation of S3-compatible object storage solutions, adapted to Big Data/HPC workloads, and ideal for AI applications. In addition to its record-breaking performance in terms of achievable bandwidth (> 1 Tbps), the technology developed by OpenIO offers infinite scalability, which does not involve rebuilding data when adding resources to the platform. This is made possible by the dynamic and intelligent placement of data on the different nodes of the cluster, according to their state at instant T – whereas most Object Storage solutions, out of simplicity, distribute the data in a purely algorithmic way, without taking into account the state of the platform or the nodes that make it up.

OpenIO is a software-defined hardware-agnostic solution, capable of taking full advantage of commodity servers and supporting hardware heterogeneity within the same cluster. OpenIO’s technology has already attracted more than 40 customers worldwide, including Dailymotion, CEA, and the Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) service provider.

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