OpenIO Summit '17

28 September 2017 📍Lille. A discovery day about OpenIO Object Storage solution.
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As it happened

Opening Keynote: Storage is Not About Storage Any More

A quick look at how the world of storage world is evolving and why OpenIO is ahead of the curve.

  • Enrico Signoretti (Head of Product Strategy, OpenIO)

3,2,1, Object Storage!

We talk about flexiblity, lightweight design, serverless computing, and open source. Let’s see how quickly you can get a complete system running, as well as how much it takes to scale it, and how resilient it is. In this session you learn how to install distributed storage software, and you will see a demonstration of fault resistance. We’ll also showcase the latest version of our web user interface.

  • Guillaume Delaporte (Head of Presales, OpenIO)
  • Vladimir Dombrovski (Software engineer, OpenIO)

ARM, Object Storage, and More

We recently tested OpenIO on OVH SoYouStart servers and built a cluster of 48 ARM nodes. In this session we discuss our experience, the performance we measured, and the benefits of this type of solution.

  • Benjamin Fichel (OVH)
  • Raphaël Glon (OVH)
  • Maxime Thomas (Pre-sales engineer, OpenIO)

Building GDPR compliant solutions with OpenIO and SME File Fabric™

In this presentation we talk about on how to build GDPR and regulatory compliant solutions using Storage Made Easy File Fabric and OpenIO.

  • Kamran Yousaf (CTO, Storage Made Easy)

Keynote: Grid for Apps

Grid for Apps, which is part of OpenIO SDS, is an innovative event-driven compute framework. It enables users to run applications directly on the storage infrastructure without any other components to manage. Just data and applications, next to each other, simplifying the entire infrastructure and offloading several compute tasks to the storage layer while increasing overall efficiency.
In this session we will discuss the benefits of this solution and demonstrate some practical examples to show you how easy is to to work with Grid for Apps.

  • Enrico Signoretti (Head of Product Strategy, OpenIO)
  • Julien Kasharerou (Head of Grid for Apps, OpenIO)

Grid for Apps & TensorFlow

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will drastically change the way we deal with data. Thanks to advanced algorithms and new forms of computing, we will have many more options and better analytics to extract more value from data more quickly. OpenIO and Skapánê can be the perfect partners to provide an end-to-end stack capable of solving challenges like this.
In this session, you’ll see a demo based on TensorFlow to show a real world example with image recognition.

  • Maxime Thomas (Presales Engineer, OpenIO)
  • José Coral (Skapánê)

Open Panel: What to Expect from Storage in the Near Future?

Which features would you like to see in your storage system in the next 12 months? What has the highest priority for your organization? In which area do you see the most demanding requirements? We will discuss these and many other questions with the panel and the audience.

  • Laurent Denel (CEO, OpenIO)
  • Jean-François Smigielski (CTO, OpenIO)
  • Antoine Fauvel (VP of Sales, OpenIO)
  • Enrico Signoretti (Head of Product Strategy, OpenIO)

OpenIO Demonstrates the Flexibility of its Object Storage with Aqua Ray

This session will be led by Guillaume de Lafond, from Aqua Ray, a French web hosting company that uses OpenIO to build their public cloud. Guillaume will describe why the flexibility of OpenIO SDS helps to differentiate their offering.

  • Guillaume de Lafond (Aqua Ray)

A Scalable and Collaborative Email Solution from BlueMind and OpenIO

BlueMind and OpenIO have joined together to build a collaborative messaging solution that can support a large-scale infrastructure. In this session, we’ll present this project, and discuss what is required to build a large-scale enterprise messaging system. How does BlueMind build software to support large numbers of users users, how do they provide email, calendar, and mobility features to all users and add flexible storage for email?

  • Sylvain Garcia (BlueMind)

Partner Session: 2CRSI

2CRSI designs and manufactures storage systems, servers for high-performance computing (HPC), and customized IT appliances. Their customers include data centers, independent software vendors, distributors, and other businesses with a need for high-quality, efficient, reliable storage and computing.
By combining the best of software and hardware, you will learn in this session how OpenIO and 2CRSI provide a rock-solid digital infrastructure that meet expectations of our customers.

  • Adrien Badina (2CRSI)

Conquer Legacy Filesystem Use Cases

Is there any way to retool your application so it can use object storage? Keep your good old POSIX code and deploy it on top of OpenIO’s filesystem extension. Michael will present the architecture of oio-fs, and discuss improvements that make it suitable for the use cases we address.

  • Michael Bonfils (R&D Engineer, OpenIO)

A Customer Success Story: OpenIO and Dailymotion

Dailymotion, European market leader and innovator, has chosen OpenIO for its storage infrastructure. Learn why they made this choice. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to see why our customers choose us, and to directly ask them questions.

  • Guillaume Delaporte (Head of Presales, OpenIO)

OIO-SDS: Much Done, More Yet to Come

May our flexibility be with you! This past quarter has seen a lot of improvements. Join us to discover how to automate lifecycle enforcement on data, how to the efficiently take snapshots of containers, how to compute storage usage whatever the connector, and how to shard a single container to reach millions of contents.
Meet the "core dev" team to discuss actual use cases where these features matter.

  • Jean-François Smigielski (CTO, OpenIO)
  • Kamel Rahim (R&D Engineer)
  • Aymeric Ducroquetz (R&D Engineer)

Teezily, Boring and Working Use Case: How to save 400k€ per year

The reasons for the switch from public cloud storage (AWS S3) to hosted bare metal servers and OpenIO.

  • Solvik Blum

Closing Keynote

The closing session of our first summit will present some announcements about the OpenIO product and the company.

  • Laurent Denel (CEO, OpenIO)
  • Jean-François Smigielski (CTO, OpenIO)