OpenIO Statement on COVID-19

Work organization, continuity of service and #Open_solidarity. What we do during the pandemic emergency.
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MARCH 24 UPDATE - Free Nextcloud for teachers [FRENCH] En réponse à l’appel de Cédric O, secrétaire d’État au numérique, notre voisin et partenaire OVHcloud a lancé l’initiative #Open_solidarity. L’objectif est de fédérer toutes les bonnes volontés pour mettre à disposition, gratuitement et sans engagement, des solutions technologiques permettant de coopérer à distance durant la crise sanitaire que nous traversons, engendrée par l’épidémie de COVID-19. Dans ce cadre, OpenIO met son expertise du stockage de données au service des enseignants, en leur offrant un espace NextCloud de 100 Go par utilisateur pour stocker et partager leurs ressources pédagogiques et maintenir le lien avec leurs élèves et collègues. En partenariat avec BeeZim, expert des solutions open source. Faites-le savoir autour de vous !

We #StayAtHome


Since Monday, 16th of March 2020, all OpenIO employees are working from home. Those who were already working remotely from coworking spaces have also been asked to stay at home. We are granting flexibility in our work organization, due to the large number of employees with young children. And as a precautionary measure, OpenIO's head office in Hem, near Lille, is closed until further notice.

Every effort is being made to ensure continuity of service, and the support of our customers is our top priority. Many of you will face unprecedented load peaks due to the intensive use of the online tools you offer. We are thinking in particular of our users in the academic world, whose collaborative workspaces will be heavily used in the coming weeks. OpenIO is available to help out as needed! We will substitute in-person meetings by video conferences, to protect your health and that of our employees.

With offices in Hem (HQ), Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Milan and Tokyo, OpenIO has used remote working since our creation in 2015. As a result, the tools necessary for working remotely are already in place, as well as the procedures for secure remote access to the company's information system and internal tools. This is, no more and no less, a full-scale test of the existing business continuity plan.


Finally, during this period of crisis, beyond the strict application of the French government's instructions, we invite all OpenIO employees to mobilize their skills to participate in the collective effort to fight against COVID-19. In particular, we would like to relay the "#Open_solidarity" initiative launched by OVHcloud, which aims to provide companies with free solutions to facilitate remote work and support the increasing load on online services. Other initiatives are likely to emerge to ensure that the tech world supports the national effort.

Beyond the caregivers, who are on the front lines, everyone has a role to play in the coming weeks. The fact that we are able to change our lifestyles and ways of working without sacrificing the essentials, our values, is an encouraging sign for the challenges that await us once this epidemic is defeated.

Be well, and take care of yourself and others!