Liberate your data and switch to object storage

WEBINAR | OpenIO and The HDF Group discuss the technical and business implications of moving to object storage.
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Nothing will be ever the same

It won’t surprise anyone if we say we’re in the midst of very uncertain times. Individuals and companies have had to rethink how they do just about everything, as the status quo has flown out the window. But there can be a silver lining to every crisis, and the current situation might just be the impetus needed to rethink our IT infrastructures.

Storage in particular is an area where companies and institutions can make huge optimizations. By moving from appliance-based file systems or NAS servers, to software-defined, hardware-agnostic object storage. Or by repatriating data from the public cloud because of its cost.

Also, data exploitation is at the heart of the value creation of an ever-increasing number of activities: the latest generation of object storage solutions - designed for hyperscale and performance - is the ideal technology for storing and serving this type of data to computing clusters.

Is it a good time to change?


👨 ‍John Readey, Senior Architect @ The HDF Group
John developed the Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS) at The HDF Group. His interests include web services related to HDF, applications that support the use of HDF and data visualization. John worked at Amazon from 2006–2014 where he developed service-based systems for eCommerce and AWS.

👨 ‍Guillaume Delaporte, VP Sales @ OpenIO
Guillaume has extensive experience in building and running large storage platforms, which he gained as system engineer and project leader at Atos Worldline, before co-founding OpenIO in 2015.