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OpenIO Object Storage

More than yet another object store, OpenIO blends efficiency, hyper-scalability and consistent high performance with the benefits usually found on other platforms. OpenIO is the best S3-compatible storage for large-scale infrastructures and big data workloads.
  • Hyper-scalable object storage

    Scale seamlessly from Terabytes to Exabytes. Simply add nodes to expand capacity, without rebalancing data, and watch as performance increases linearly.

  • Designed for high performance

    Transfer data at 1 Tbps and beyond. Experience consistent high performance, even during scaling operations. Ideal for capacity-intensive and challenging workloads.

  • Hardware agnostic, lightweight solution

    Use servers and storage media that suit your evolving needs. Avoid vendor lock-in. You can combine heterogenous hardware at any time, of different specs, generations, and capacities.

Store your data
  • Flexible and instant scaling
  • Optimal positioning of data
  • Performance optimization
  • Smart hardware management
Manage your data
  • Fine-grained storage policies for automated tiering
  • Object versioning and container snapshots
  • On the fly and delayed compression
  • WORM mode
Protect your data
  • Erasure coding and n-time replication with multiple dynamic storage policies available
  • Geo-distributed and stretched cluster topology
  • Encryption of data at rest
Access your data
  • S3 and Swift APIs
  • Native Python, C and Java APIs
  • File access through OIO-FS
  • Big Data integrations
Case studies
  • Kayrros
    • 20
    • 2 PB
    • 1 GB
      Avg file size
    • 40%

    We recreated the public cloud provider offer, using our own services and by building our own private cloud, not accessible from the public network. In doing so, we have improved our performance, and we have reduced our costs by 40%.

    Sébastien BlotVP for Infrastructure & Security at Kayrros
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  • Dailymotion
    • 50 M
      videos per month
    • 800 M
    • 40 PB
    • 30%
      storage growth per year

    OpenIO stands out as a scalable, efficient and easy-to-run object store. It costs us 50% less than a comparable scale-out NAS solution.

    Alan MartinsVP Infrastructure at Dailymotion
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  • CEA
    • 4U
    • 96
    • 768 TB
      net storage
    • S3

    OpenIO perfectly meet the storage needs of an HPC platform. We can process and store hundreds of billions of files of all sizes, and OpenIO maintains a linear high performance, even when we add new capacity.

    Jacques-Charles LafoucriereHead of Department at CEA
  • IIJ
    • 14 M
    • 5,5 K
      emails indexed per minute
    • 2
    • 100%

    With peak requests that can easily reach 5,500 emails/sec, we needed a high performance object store. With OpenIO we were able to build a very high performance all-flash storage system.

    Yuuki WakisakaEngineer at IIJ
    Read the Customer Story


  • Stateless native object store

    OpenIO stores objects within containers in a persistent 3-level massively distributed directory: there is no classic subdirectory tree, objects are stored in a flat structure.

    The data query path is independent of the number of nodes, and performance is not affected by the growth of the storage capacity.

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  • Grid of nodes architecture

    The OpenIO cluster layout is organized as a massively distributed grid of nodes.

    This creates a flexible, resourceful solution. OpenIO doesn't require data rebalancing when you change the topology of a cluster, and it permits efficient load balancing on heterogeneous nodes.

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  • ConsciousGrid™ technology

    ConsciousGrid™ is an innovative self-learning technology that uses real-time metrics from the nodes (CPU, I/O, capacity...) to compute a quality score and handle any requests accordigly, matching it with any constraint (e.g. respect of storage policies).

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  • GridForApps™

    OpenIO catches all events that occur in the cluster and can pass them up in the stack.

    OpenIO can also perform real-time event-based metadata indexing and search directly on the storage infrastructure, more functions can be activated on customer demand.

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  • Open source core

    The core of  OpenIO Object Storage and the object APIs are open source and hosted on GitHub.

    This guarantees the long-term availability of the solution and gives your engineers the opportunity to understand how our technology works.

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Here’s what you can do with OpenIO: build a hyper-scalable, on-prem storage infrastructure that is flexible and fast, and at a fraction of the cost of a public cloud solution.

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